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Hey Ya (cover) Hey Ya (cover)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My first experience of hearing you/Jazza singing (sorry, trying to cover everyone who will read this haha) and I must admit I am quite taken aback at firstly how beautiful this is, and secondly how much passion is coursing through your/his voice, especially in the last third in contrast to the first, which shows you have good control over it (though some of the transition seems a little too fast to me, but probably just me, constructive criticism anyway :) ), as some tend to sing at a constant level. I suppose it is intensified by the fact I have never really thought about the actual words of this song and what it means so there's that in play too, but honestly you have a wonderful voice! Especially on slower parts. If you haven't been to singing lessons I really think that would top things off and make things even greater, if you have/are then keep up the awesome work! (I suppose I shall find out the answer to this soon enough haha, as I'm going to go listen to more of your music now :) )
(okay that kind of changed into me speaking directly, apologies to everyone else haha, not used to writing reviews!)